Payment Methods

At COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM you can pay with the following payment options:
• iDeal / Bancontact
• Credit card
• Paypal
• Klarna invoice (payment in 14 days)
• Bank transfer
• Others
PayPal and Credit Card payments are made via the secure additional Multisafepay payment service
provider, one of the largest and safest payment platforms in Europe.
Multisafepay handles the entire process of your payment. Your details will be sent encrypted over an
extra secure line. Multisafepay Once your payment is received and verified, we automatically get an
agreement. After a successful transaction you will receive an email that the payment is successful
then we will arrange your order.
iDeal / Bancontact
IDeal and bank card you pay quickly and easily via the familiar online banking. iDeal has become the
most popular payment method in the Netherlands on the internet because it is easy and completely
secure. The money is transferred immediately so your order can be shipped right to you.
In Belgium Bancontact the meete used payment means.
Credit card
COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM accepts Visa and Mastercard. Credit card details are not stored in
our database. COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM can in no way see your credit card number during
the process.It may be that COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM contact you for additional information.
We sometimes do this as a precaution so that others can not abuse your credit card information in our
Paypal is a completely secure and fast payment method. You can use this if you have registered with
Paypal. You only need to do this once. You go to and fill in your details there. Paypal
is like a middleman, which you do your payments so that your data will never end up with the seller. In
addition, PayPal offers comprehensive buyer protection.
Via Afterpay you can pay us after 14 days. Before you have paid you will receive your order together
with the invoice. The counterpart payment must be paid within 14 days Afterpay as indicated on the
invoice. For this service, you pay € 1.30 flat rate and 3% handling fee. Your order must not exceed a
value of € 400, -. The height of the maximum amount also depends on whether you use already made
of Afterpay.
By choosing this payment you automatically agree to the terms of Afterpay bill.
Note: fill in your information completely and truthfully checks Based on your data Afterpay
whether you are eligible to pay on account.. COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM is not responsible for
this selection. Well we offer alternative payment methods (see above payment methods).
Steps for payment via Afterpay Billing:
– Order and pay via invoice Afterpay
– Fill in your information completely and truthfully
– Your order will be sent and you will receive when you order your bill Afterpay
– Pay your bill within 14 days as indicated on the invoice
– By choosing this payment you agree to the terms of Afterpay
– Order Value up to € 400, –
– Safe, easy and reliable!
Do you have specific questions about Afterpay or want to know why you can not buy account via
Afterpay? Afterpay Customer Service is happy to help.
Bank transfers:
In advance the total amount paid into the bank account of COFFEEINSTANTANEOUS.COM (the
parent company of See below for bank details. The description you mention the order
number so we know which order it goes. When the payment is sent to us in the order.
See other payment methods on the webshop.

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